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Cloud inversion, Blencathra

My name is David Marsden and I’m a gardener.  (I write about gardening, the wildlife I encounter and other stuff on my blog, The Anxious Gardener).  As well as gardening, Biggles and Revels, my great love is walking.


September 1983 wearing goodness only knows what.  Offa’s Dyke Path

I’ve walked long distance footpaths since I was a teenager but moving to London, mortgages and various careers got between me and my boots, and I stopped for many years.  Then, in 2008, I walked part of The Cumbria Way and I was hooked again.

Coast to Coast, Borrowdale

The Cumbria Way

To escape the trivia of every-day working life and see, close up, the beauty of the British Isles is a sharp, barbed hook.  I love the solitary nature of my walks: the slow progress over a vast, often stunning, landscape; from one hot bath to the next.  Now, once a year or so, I pre-book all my accommodation, pack a rucksack and go off to walk for a bit.


The Dales Way

I generally go early in the year when the paths are empty and the hills quiet; accommodation easily available and gardening at a low ebb.  ‘The Walking Gardener’ is a record of some of those walks.

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